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Reminder: Zenith with be on site in the Training Building tomorrow, 10/24/2023 from 1600-1900 hours. If you have any questions regarding Insurance, please see the representative then,

Public Safety Labor News

What Is A ‘Constructive Discharge’?

With some regularity, employees who resign later file lawsuits claiming that their working conditions were so oppressive that their resignations should be considered as “constructive discharges” subjecting the employer to potential lability. As demonstrated by a lawsuit filed by Officer Timothy Hoff

‘Marsy’s Law’ Does Not Shield Crime Victims’ Names From Disclosure

In 2018, Florida voters amended the Florida Constitution to include a number of rights for crime victims. The general intent of the amendments, colloquially known as Marsy’s Law, was “to achieve justice, ensure a meaningful role throughout the criminal and juvenile justice systems for crime victims,

Pregnant Trooper Successfully Alleges Discrimination And Hostile Work Environment Claims

Schashuna Whyte was appointed as a New York State Trooper in October 2016. She learned that she was pregnant about one year later but was initially reluctant to notify her command staff due to what she perceived as the “cultural lack of respect shown to female employees.” She revealed her pregnancy