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Written on 03/17/2022
Will Aitchison

From New Jersey:
Question: What impact issues are negotiable in regards to body worn cameras?

Answer: The answer varies a bit from state to state, but the following “impacts” or “effects” are generally thought to be negotiable: (1) Pre-statement review of video; (2) whether supervisors can routinely review videos for evidence of misconduct (sometimes referred to as “trolling”); (3) whether BWCs have GPS tracking; (4) activation thresholds; (5) premium pay for officers wearing BWCs; and (6) records retention policies for videos.

From Arizona:
Question: Do you have any information on officer-involved shooting Garrity statements being conducted 24/48 post incident? What are the pros and cons?

Answer: The usual practice we see is that involved officer statements are either compelled in close proximity to the event (usually 24-48 hours) or not at all. The driving force behind the 24-48 hour time frame pretty clearly stems from the IACP’s recommendation that the initial statement be delayed at least 24 hours to allow for the effects of critical incident stress to dissipate.

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